Second Order

Second Order
Engineering: SO

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  • Second-order cybernetics — Second order cybernetics, also known as the cybernetics of cybernetics, investigates the construction of models of cybernetic systems. It investigates cybernetics with awareness that the investigators are part of the system, and of the importance …   Wikipedia

  • Second-order elections — are elections that have less importance for voters than first order elections, and thus are often used by voters to punish or reward the current governing parties. Local and regional elections are almost always considered second order elections.… …   Wikipedia

  • Second-order simulacra — Second order simulacra, a term coined by Jean Baudrillard, are symbols without referents, that is, symbols with no real object to represent. Simply put, a symbol is itself taken for reality and further layer of symbolism is added. This occurs… …   Wikipedia

  • second-order elections —    Second order elections are contests other than general elections, for example local and regional ones. Some voters take the view that these are less important than first order ones, because they do not determine which party is in government.… …   Glossary of UK Government and Politics

  • Second-order logic — In logic and mathematics second order logic is an extension of first order logic, which itself is an extension of propositional logic.[1] Second order logic is in turn extended by higher order logic and type theory. First order logic uses only… …   Wikipedia

  • Second-order arithmetic — In mathematical logic, second order arithmetic is a collection of axiomatic systems that formalize the natural numbers and sets thereof. It is an alternative to axiomatic set theory as a foundation for much, but not all, of mathematics. The… …   Wikipedia

  • Second-order intercept point — The Second Order Intercept Point, also known as the SOI, IP2, or IIP2 (Input Intercept Point), is a measure of linearity that quantifies the second order distortion generated by nonlinear systems and devices. Examples of frequently used devices… …   Wikipedia

  • Second order cellular automaton — A second order cellular automaton is a reversible cellular automaton (CA) where the state of a cell at time t depends not only on its neighborhood at time t 1 , but also on its state at time t 2 . Specifically, the neighborhood at t 1 is used to… …   Wikipedia

  • Second-order conditioning — In classical conditioning, second order conditioning or higher order conditioning is a form of learning in which a stimulus is first made meaningful or consequential for an organism through an initial step of learning, and then that stimulus is… …   Wikipedia

  • Second-order predicate — In mathematical logic, a second order predicate is a predicate that takes a first order predicate as an argument. Compare higher order predicate.The idea of second order predication was introduced by the German mathematician and philosopher Frege …   Wikipedia

  • second-order phase change — antrosios rūšies fazinis virsmas statusas T sritis fizika atitikmenys: angl. phase transform of the second kind; second order phase change; second order phase transition vok. Phasenumwandlung zweiter Ordnung, f rus. фазовое превращение второго… …   Fizikos terminų žodynas

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